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Lezim dance group 09004266105

mumbai  Feb 7 2016 12:26AM
Tags: Lezim dance group 09004266105
I have been doing this profession since,1997. I have done various types of work in different places.Some are given below.
1. Cricket world cup tournament 2011, India Vs Srilanka
2. IPL 20 20 Cricket tournament, Mumbai Indians Team
3. film faer awards 2003
4. corporate events & seminars in bangkok dubai & asia
5. private TV. channels Z TV STAR TV SONY TV Etc.
6.gujrati marwari big wedding & parties & events Etc..
7.maharashtra folk dance prafom: lezim dance then puneri dhol like
lawani dance & many more punjabi bhangra dance etc,
in city pune mumbai +919821833591 +919004266105

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