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Needed Housekeeper - Au pair - Nanny - Chef - Driver with a professional Home Nurse

United Kingdom  Jun 13 2016 1:22PM
Tags: Needed Housekeeper pair Nanny Chef Driver with professional Home Nurse

We are looking for a Housekeeper / Au pair / Nanny / Chef / Driver with a professional Home Nurse to work with us here in our home, All our worker will work from Monday Saturday

Applicant must be reliable,honest individual with experience in care of babies and children.You will need to be fun and energetic and enjoy taking them out to the park and local groups that run activities for small children you must also be kind and patient and enjoy the company of children.

Our Workers shall have a big room, huge, and has a double bed,with sitting area and TV/Hifi.There is also a wireless broadband internet in the house,Do well to send us your references or resume,and we would get in touch with them.

CHEF: £2000 Monthly weekly allowance £100
HOME NURSE:£2000 Monthly weekly allowance £100
AU PAIR/NANNY:£2000Mothly weekly allowance £200
DRIVER:£2000 Monthly weekly allowance £300
HOUSEKEEPER:£2000 Monthly weekly allowance £100

Note:This job is located in UK not other country,If you are willing to apply you should know you are applying for a job In UK,If you are applying from other country you need a Valid international passport.

Family Contact Details
Contact Person : Mr Mason Peter
Skype ID : mason.peter356
Mobile Number: +447042080723/+447031943709
If you are interested in the job offer you can contact me via my private email
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