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PLANMECA PROLINE XC Digital Panoramic X Ray PRICE $8600

USA  Nov 19 2016 8:08AM
Tags: PLANMECA PROLINE Digital Panoramic Ray PRICE $8600
FEATURES PANORAMIC Planmeca Proline XC panoramic system features the following basic panoramic programs: adult, pediatric, lateral double TMJ, PA double TMJ, vertical sliced 5 segmented exposure pan and special maxillary sinus. The optional advanced true profile TMJ program can further enhance diagnoses. (NOTE: subject to availability) PEDO FRIENDLY Planmeca Proline XC's pediatric mode automatically reduces the exposure area, resulting in 20% less radiation, while providing critical diagnostic information. HIGH QUALITY IMAGES Planmeca Proline XC features advanced panoramic technology, including an adjustable focal trough for anatomically correct images, enhanced imaging geometry to eliminate redundant shadows and ghost images, Automatic Cervical Vertebrae (ACV) to minimize the shadow of the cervical vertebrae and Automatic Gain Control (ACG) for optimized image quality. MAC FRIENDLY Planmeca Proline XC panoramic system works seamlessly with any Mac based PC or network. TWAIN INTEGRATION Images captured with Planmeca Proline XC panoramic system can be easily integrated into almost any imaging software.
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