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india  Nov 21 2016 4:33AM
Tags: Arthritis

CENTER FOR ADVANCED AYURVEDA & RESEARCH CFAAR is the Best Arthritis treatment Center in India. Advanced Ayurveda Center with physiotherapy and neuro rehabilitation.Global patients with 100% satisfaction. CFAAR warmly welcomes anyone who is suffering from a chronic illness to end their anguish and return with a cloud of hope and happiness.

The term arthritis covers a broad spectrum of disorders affecting the joints and surrounding structures. It is primarily characterized by pain and inflammation around the joint affected. A joint disorder is quite a big impairment since it can affect our daily activities and as a matter of fact, our mobility is dependent on joints. Thus taking good care of our joints, prevention of pathology in them and seeking proper management on affliction with a joint disorder is very important.Risk factors :1,Tendency to have arthritis increases with age.2,Females are more prone to arthritis than men but gout affects men more commonly.3,Genetics also play a role in making some people more prone to arthritic conditions like ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.

Fore more details please visit our website. and rheumatic diseases/
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