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india  Nov 28 2016 11:47PM
Tags: Ayurveda

The team at CFAAR aims at bringing these four limbs together so that any pathological condition can be managed to its best possible way. The basic principles of physiology and pathology are quite differently viewed in Ayurvedic literature which makes it difficult for common people to understand it. Examination of the patient is through a special technique to assess the body constitution of the patient and to analyze the vitiated components of the body.

Ayurveda is thought to have a divine origin directly from God to sages which is quiet hard to believe for many. The astonishing fact is that, the information collected and recorded by these sages and transferred to their students, on cross checking and researching, is found to be correct without error. It is impossible for a man or even a group to research and record such a huge data in one’s life time. Thus there is definitely an element of God deeply buried in this science.

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