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india  Nov 30 2016 4:14AM
Tags: Arthritis

CFAAR warmly welcomes anyone who is suffering from a chronic illness to end their anguish and return with a cloud of hope and happiness.The team at CFAAR aims at bringing these four limbs together so that any pathological condition can be managed to its best possible way. We, the team at CFAAR aim to bestow maximum justice to this divine science. Mankind has much to benefit from this science and we are trying to make everyone realize and reach close to Ayurveda

Arthritis covers a broad spectrum of disorders affecting the joints and surrounding structures. It is primarily characterized by pain and inflammation around the joint affected. A joint disorder is quite a big impairment since it can affect our daily activities and as a matter of fact, our mobility is dependent on joints. Common types: Rheumatoidarthritis, Osteoarthritis, Juvenile arthritis,Septic arthritis,Gout,Psoriatic arthritis,Seronegative spondarthritis,Fibromyalgia

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