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Nipabooks: Publishers and distributors of Books and Journals in Agriculture, Biotechnology, Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS, Hydrology, Veterinary Sciences, Botany, Geology, Civil Engineering and Disasters from the best authors in India at very low prices....

Pitampura, Delhi, India India  Jan 9 2017 4:22AM
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India India  Dec 13 2016 1:05PM
Third Eye Watch is a romantic suspense novel about passion, humor, & friendship along with a heart tugging romance between gallery owner Serena Shaw and Secret Service Agent Samvir Raina and their adventure to catch at Top 10 FBI fugitive. Third Eye Watch is a feel good story, set in Metro Detroit. The romance will make your heart skip a beat and the suspense will surely make you want to finish th...

Detroit India  Nov 29 2016 10:16AM
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MEERUT India  Nov 24 2016 4:52AM
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PO box 119,sydney, 2000 Australi India  Nov 9 2016 1:38AM
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hyderabad India  Nov 7 2016 2:53AM
Best For Reading Buy Fiction Books Online Fan fiction has been going on for decades, centuries, I’m sure even millenniums. It could be noted as far back as the ancient Egyptians. For example, the ancient Egyptians lauded many gods in their society and even wrote literature on these gods, such as Horis and Isis. When the Egyptians came in contact with the Greeks many centuries later, the Gr...

delhi India  Nov 5 2016 4:53AM
Fantasy books sometimes overlap with science fiction books, although they are always not the same. If you have a taste of fantasy, chances are higher that you have a heart for sci fi too and vice versa. You can clearly distinguish between fantasy and sci fi in most cases, but there are no rules to distinguish them. Harry Potter series is pure fantasy while Time Machine is purely sci fi. Do you...

India India  Nov 5 2016 4:23AM
Uttar pradesh jal nigam junior engineer chanyan pariksha book for civil engineer is now available on Get low price book with great discount...

MEERUT India  Nov 4 2016 7:14AM
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amdavad India  Oct 25 2016 6:10AM
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delhi India  Sep 19 2016 4:27AM
Multi genre author Joel Goulet’s newest novel is a fantasy/sci fi titled Vallincourt: Nothing But Time. It has been published by Double Dragon Publishing and is available in print (large print) and eBook formats. All of his many novels can be found at several sources including Ingram, Amazon, B&N, the publisher and KOBO, to name a few (prices vary). In 1835 16 year old Alexander Vallincourt hires...

USA India  Sep 17 2016 2:35PM
We are is the publishing house who publish books for preparation of various competitive exams. We have various competitive exams books which are staff selection commission Railway,Delhi metro rail corporation, quantitative aptitude, dsssb, po, union public service commission, delhi development authority, institute of banking personnel selection etc. So, if you are looking to bu...

delhi India  Sep 14 2016 5:57AM
Our planet is about to undergo a process of change. The time for a new era is approaching. A new era where spirituality, love and peace will prevail, but before that great transformations and terrible suffering will come to humankind. If you are interested in knowing those events, in the inner transformation of human beings, in learning how to achieve conscious astral projection, or in learning a...

Theni, Tamil Nadu (INDIA) India  Sep 6 2016 4:38AM
The Era of EBooks in India While the joy of reading derives from flipping pages physically and unveiling the next suspense of the fiction from the hardcover book; the ease and ecstasy eBooks offer is divine! EBooks offer different scales of reading experience accumulating exact factors like effectiveness, audience reach and ease of distribution. However, various surveys conclude that most factors...

Pune India  Aug 13 2016 7:33AM
Synergy between online and offline reading Students today, have a multitude of devices that they use to read. What is the difference between reading digital resources online and offline? Online: reading is done through a web browser. The end user must be connected to the internet. Offline: reading is done when the end user is not connected to the internet. However, the content must first be d...

Pune India  Aug 13 2016 6:19AM
Children books grab your copies today!! Available online at and Just to name a few titles of e books/hardback copies: Learning your ABC's is rewarding, Let's have fun counting, Being odd as a child, Learning how to choose my words wisely, Colors and shapes here there everywhere, and Cookies and milk. Author: Michelle Thomas I've provided links to some of the ...

Worldwide India  Jul 23 2016 2:40PM
A 3,500 year narrative historical study of the Middle East. History is examined through the conduct and influence of larger than life historical figures such as Muhammad, David Ben Gurion, T. E. Lawrence, Theodor Herzl, Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt....

london India  Jun 18 2016 2:33AM
BFB offers best electronic products, Fashion Accessories, Software, books and toys at unbeatable price. You can buy it online at our store.

IIT, Kanpur India  Jun 15 2016 4:51AM
eReading in the age of austerity With the rise of eBooks, we’ll enjoy cheaper reading experience in the age of austerity. You’ll have wider variety of options to choose from and the best part is with an eReader you always have your Online Book Library In Pune to hand. Irrational ebullience is dead; we’re living in the age of austerity. The private, corporate and sovereign debt can’t be ignore...

Pune India  Jun 14 2016 1:54AM
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